Hatbit illucom Co., Ltd

































 ■ Established HATBIT ILLUCOM CO.,LTD.
 ■ First supplied Illuminated Door Sill Plate to HKMC
 ■ Supply registration to GM SPO



 ■ Started overseas export Illuminated Door Sill Plate  to GM USA
 ■ Acquired SQ(HKMC) certification
 2010  ■ Supply registration to Nissan (Tier2)



 ■ Succeeded in commercializing new light guide plate technology

 (TGS Indicator) → HKMC new technology award

 ■ Start supplied Illuminated Door Sill Plate to NISSAN



 ■ Selected as a promising small and medium export company

 (Host: Korea International Trade Association)
 ■ Successful commercialization of new hybrid car charging

 indicator technology




 ■ Changed the SQ certification company
 ■ Supply registration to FCA (Tier2)
 ■ Awarded a promising small and medium-sized business

 (Small and Medium Business Administration Award: December)





 ■ Optical material (Light String / Flexible & Stretchable:

 Surface emitting sheet)
 ■ Display Week Published a paper in the US Silicon Valley

 SID journal (May)




 ■ Head office building starts (September)
 ■ Awarded Grand Prize for Promising Export

 (Gyeonggi-do Governor Award: December)






 ■ Supply registration to Audi/VW(Tier 1)
 ■ Over Molding method TGS Indicator New technology

 development success (December)

 ■ Commercialization of optical materials (FIC & FSLS) and

 securing own production capacity




 ■ Head office building completed (February)
 ■ Switch Knob triple injection method new technology

 commercialization success (May)




 ■ Started supplying Ambient Lighting HKMC

 (4 models including GV80)
 ■ Supply registration to TOYOTA(Inline supplier Tier 2).