Hatbit illucom Co., Ltd
Corporate Philosophy



Since its founding, our hatbit illucom Co., Ltd has been and continues to be a new light in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution from its specialized and differentiated position in the fields of optics, automotive lighting components and lighting. Creating a revolution and creating history.

So far, we have developed and succeeded in mass production of the world's first new material for optical displays, and based on these light sources and display materials and optical design and analysis capabilities, we have been able to It has the best technology.

We have no consequences and our endless challenges and sprints are that we do not stop here.

Corporate philosophy "There is a specification industry but no specification company"
In the company's teaching, “居安思危
(The more comfortable the time is, the more you have to prepare for it by considering when the danger will come.)“
By constantly inventing new technologies and expanding the future of company, which no one else can imitate, we will make human life richer and healthier and share the value of all these happiness together. 

Thank you very much.